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Vehicle Insurance

Transport and Commutation in the modern day has transformed manifolds, majorly in the form of vehicles of different shapes and sizes. In case of unexpected adversities like accidents, theft the service charges/loss incurred for the vehicle could be exasperating. Vehicle insurance helps keep accident/theft related stress and worries aboard, as these are covered by the Vehicle Insurance Policy. There are variably different brands of Vehicle insurance available and choosing the most fulfilling one could be a puzzling affair. Our vehicle Insurance team is well educated of the vehicular department and advices an affordable and complete Insurance plan to help its customer with safe and easy choice.

Our duty or association with a client does not end with selling Insurance plans, over a period of time in case of any adversities, our consultants will promptly guide and facilitate for an easy and stress free transaction to obtain your Insured amount.

  • Covers Damage/Theft of Car Components.
  • Complete coverage in case of Car Theft.
  • Accident Coverage of Self and Co passengers.
  • Add On covers available for further protection and legal clearances.
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