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Mutual Funds

Mutual funds have been amongst the top investment strategies for Companies and Individuals anticipating lesser risks as compared to Day trading. Its structure of investment leads to better results for all investors with minimum fear of losing their investments.

Mutual funds work with the strategy of Collectively Invest and Earn. In mutual funds different investors contribute funds towards a common pool of money, this money is then used by an allocated Fund Manager to invest into certain fund types as mentioned and agreed in the objective of the scheme with the Fund Owner. This mode of operation ensures a safer investment option, allowing companies and Individuals to reap benefits once the fund value matures to its expected date and approximated amount.

Furthermore mutual funds are governed by the SEBI- Securities and Exchange Board of India, this body ensures to strictly monitor and govern the process of mutual funds, making investments in mutual funds a safer and secure choice.

Benefits of Investing in Mutual Funds

    • Funds invested across different Sectors allowing the investor to choose their Risk strategies
    • Investor can sell units back to the fund
    • Mutual funds helps investors to watch their funds grow without the worries of monitoring the market risks as a dedicated fund manager handles every aspect of investing the owners funds into a profitable growth*
    • Investor gets a proportionate Tax exemption from the Tax department of India.

Sambhava Associates helps interested investors in understanding the terms and conditions governing the investment towards mutual funds. We provide all possible options to Clients that would benefit their investment based on their risk appetite & period. Our experience in providing fruitful mutual fund benefits has ensured us a place in the trusted list of our clients and customers.

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