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In a Lifetime that is dissolved with uncertainties, many aspects of our lives are subjected to factors that are not under our control. Our awareness of this world whose many acts are fuelled with monetary transactions must keep us prepared for uncertainties. These uncertainties and urgent needs for money may evolve at any point of time. It is important that every one of us prepare and plan to Insure for ourselves and our loved ones. Life Insurance is a means to help us prepare a safe keeping for the ones who are sheltered under our living.

The contract is valid for payment of the insured amount during:

Life Insurance features to pledge a certain declared and designated payment amount to the Person assured /Nominee of the Life Insurer once the Policy meets is disbursement criteria. The criteria for availing the Payment could either be while the Policy matures to completion, Specific Periodic intervals or the demise of Life Insurer while the policy is live.

Sambhava Associates provide a comprehensive understanding of the features and benefits that Life Insurance Policy beholds. Our consultants have complete information on the different brands of policies that are available. Our Clients are informed and provided with the most suitable of Life Insurance schemes available and authorized by the Insurance market. Life Insurance and its features can further be summarized as follows.

  • Full protection against risk of death
  • Payments into Life Insurance ensure a Long-term savings
  • Easy to acquire loans on the sole security of this policy
  • Recognized by the Income Tax Office towards Tax Relief based on the defined parameters
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